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Drift Me or Drive Me!


Bayside Experiences has been a long term dream which has finally come together with the help and support of fellow enthusiasts. Working behind the scenes at Santa Pod Raceways’ Drift What Ya Brung was where it all started for us back in Jan 2007.


We have been involved with teaching and guiding, up and coming drifters to become the professional drivers they are today. With the sport growing year on year and becoming more and more professional, the need for dedicated drift tuition has always been lagging behind. The last 4 years however has seen a growth in experience companies cashing in on the format with many of them trying to make a quick buck while giving the customer a half hearted experience. These ‘taster’ sessions don’t necessarily offer good value for money but they are a good gimmick and are still very popular with the Voucher Companies and their members.

Unfortunately this way of thinking has devalued the whole experience as the voucher companies heavily discount to gain sales but the consumer suffers in the end as the experiences are cut shorter or additional cost on the day are incurred to help make up the difference. In order to make these experiences financially viable the Drift Academies hosting your experience have to have a minimum number of clients to participate. Your driving/drifting time is then substantially lost due to the sheer number of people driving in a morning or afternoon session which begs the question:  Are you actually saving money by using the voucher companies?

The ‘Bayside’ approach to these experiences aims to be different, our goal is to give you the chance to actually learn the art of drifting. The only way to learn is through plenty of driving time, (‘Seat Time’), this means all our experiences are 1-2-1 sessions with a professional instructor for a much longer period. There is so much to learn that it cannot be done in 10 minutes. If you really want to learn then you need commitment and determination, our instructors see lots of people come and go but then there are those that become part of the community and become good friends. Which will you be??

Bayside Drift                  DSC_0085

Our 10+ years of involvement in the Drifting community and the Japanese Car scene has been a huge influence in what you see here today. Drifting is a Japanese sport using Japanese Culture cars not £500 BMW’s or MX5’s saved from the scrappage scheme! On our ‘Drift Experiences’ you will be driving our R34 Nissan Skyline as pictured above! This is a £5000 car not a cheap BMW or MX5. Even at the BMW Show 90% prefer to get in a Skyline! Our aim is to provide the most professional ‘Drifting Experience’ while still getting fantastic value for money and of course keeping it fun! Please visit the shop for more details.

We shall be attending a lot of shows in our Blue R34’s at Santa Pod Raceway entertaining the crowds with ‘Drift Rides’ at Stunt Fest, The Fast Show, Jap Show, BMW Show, Ultimate Street Car, Jap Show Finale, Flame & Thunder & Fireworks Frenzy. Our colleagues over at Mint Tyres will be on hand to change over the masses of tyres our ‘Drift Rides’ Team go through in a (dry) day and they also have to look after Santa Pod’s R32 Drift Car when Michelle does her Demos in the Live Action Arena. When it comes to drifting at Santa Pod there is no real alternative experience!


The Fast Show


BMW Show

Ultimate Street Car

JapShow Finale