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Drift Me or Drive Me!

The MTS R32 Nissan Skyline

Over the winter our sister company has been investing a lot of time into the rebuild of the MTS R32.

This car was last out in April 2013 when it went to a Snetterton Drift Day, by 11am it died a death with what was thought to be head gasket failure. It turns out that in fact the stock head gasket on the 369BHP RB20 was in-fact completely intact, the spark plug in cylinder 1 however, was missing a tip which got squished between the piston and the head. Yup, it was dead.

IMG_0638[1]  About a month before it died!

Steve at Mint Tyre Solutions, did have another engine build already on the go which was a long term project. It was to go into the MTS R32 when the time was right. With other important things on the go at the time, the project was put to the side and the remainder of the major parts sourced to finish the build.

With everything coming together over the winter of 2015, the car was finally brought into our unit where it could be stripped down, de-greased, cleaned and a few issues ironed out ready for the new engine to go in. Having been sat outside under a gazebo for 2 1/2 years  there was a bit of cleaning to do and a front sub-frame swap to take the new RB25 engine. The front wings, side skirts & all the other bits that could be taken off were painted by Wayne at MW Bodyshop in Olney.

IMG_0625[1] IMG_0624[1]

While the engine builder, Jim, was doing his thing, the rear of the car needed some tweaking as the 295-30-18 Advan Ad08’s were rubbing slightly. Noticeable on bumpy roads and under hard acceleration, the tyres would not last long. The 2 sets of rear over fenders were gently heated and spaced out in order to gain enough clearance. The major change to the rear was to add a different exhaust system due to the 108 db reading the original was handing out.

To be different and offer more silencers at the rear, the Nissan GT-R exhaust was sourced and the rear end was customized to fit. This also meant the fuel tank had to be removed and a fuel cell put in the boot, with the fuel system being changed anyway the time was right to do a complete future proof fuel system.

mintr32rear    IMG_0627[1]

Once the engine was ready, it was time to start bolting on the parts and checking for clearances. Once we were happy, the time came to put it in for good and then connect up everything else like the fuel system, fabricate the inter-cooler piping and exhaust system to meet the new R35 rear section. The external gate was piped up and then it was the radiator and coolant system. This was to be an issue! The clutch master was replaced with a smaller S14 version due to clearance issues with the front facing plenum. The power steering lines were custom made, and the vacuum lines were all renewed. SFS Hoses were on hand to sort out some of the silicone hoses that were required. The next problem was the wiring, RB25 engine loom mated to the RB20 wiring loom of the R32. It’ll be running an Apexi Power FC as this was sourced a long time ago but for the future a Link ECU will be sourced as it removes the MAF and opens up more possibilities. Then, checking & double checking it was time to crank it over!

IMG_0633[1]  IMG_0634[1]

After its initial crank test and we double checked the fluids and fired her up…only for her to spit all her coolant on the floor, and fuel….Turns out the brand new radiator had a hole in it and 9 of the fuel fitting decided they wouldn’t seal. New fittings sourced, new rad sourced, all fitted up and working. The problems with the coolant system have now been sorted and even the cage has been fitted. The wiring has been tidied up and a few little issues resolved. The Door bars need welding and gusseting to be the correct specification.

Some running in mileage and a proper mapping session and she will be ready for some proper track time!!

IMG_0879[1] IMG_0882[1]

Once again gremlins have struck and a few issues  need sorting, hopefully it will be on track soon…